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Central Park Historical Society

The CPHS was founded in 1986, at the suggestion of a committee which assembled to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the name change from Central Park to Bethpage. 

A provisional charter was granted by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York on February 16, 1990 to the Central Park Historical Society.


The purpose of the Central Park Historical society is to promote and encourage historical research, to disseminate and encourage a greater knowledge and interest in the state of New York, particularly Bethpage and the surrounding area.

Geography forces the town's blueprint

With the Grumman Corporation on the west side of town preventing 

expansion westward, and with the Bethpage State Park on the east side preventing eastward expansion, Bethpage could develop without 

overdeveloping while still keeping its small town charm.

Today it remains a quaint, tight-knit community filled with pride.

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